Everything is Love

Beyoncé and Jay Z have done it again.  They have used their art to let the world see that there is more to love than flowers and chocolate.  Love is the infatuation, the connection, the support, the intimacy, the heartache, the repair, the healing and the growth.  Everything is Love.

Over the years, we have seen the duo show their connection, infatuation, and support for each other in songs such as Bonnie and Clyde to Drunk in Love.  Beyoncé and Jay seemed to be in a fantasy world few sustain with their many different varieties of “in love.”   We had drunk, crazy, and even dangerously in love.  Their music seemed to highlight all of the intoxicating highs love brings from the initial connection of a relationship.  As with most forms of entertainment we were amused by the fun and highlights of love, only seeing minor glimpses of the power struggle that is inevitable in all relationships.  

A lot of people don’t like the idea of power struggles existing in relationships.  Many believe that a divine relationship is filled with pure bliss, pleasure and happiness. Arguments and disagreements are a symbol that the relationship is no longer working, and resort to escaping discomfort by entering into an infatuation phase of love with someone else.  They fail to understand that conflict and struggles with power are natural elements of the human experience.  As humans we often have internal power struggles with ourselves.  The power struggle doesn’t stop just because you find the perfect career, spouse, or have children.  At times our “successes” are our primary source of internal struggle.  

It is a personal choice to decide how to deal with power struggles. Do you heal and grow or avoid by running or surrendering?  Life’s conflicts don’t stop, but we do have the choice and ability to create deeper and more fruitful relationships with ourselves and others.  I love IMAGO’s interpretation of intimacy, “Into You I See.” It is simple and sweet.  Deeper love comes from being able to authentically look into ourselves, others, and situations with grace and compassion.  It takes seeing the good and the bad and learning to appreciate and integrate all aspects.

Beyoncé and Jay Z through music show how “Everything is Love.” The infatuation, the connection, the support, the intimacy, the power struggle, the heartache, the repair, the healing, and the growth are all parts of love.  It is by challenging who we are told to be with whom we truly are that we find our love.