Renee Burwell, LCSW, MPA, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

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I live by the philosophy that everyone on this earth plays a vital part in the success and failures of their community, and I prefer to play on the side of success. Analyzing and learning functions of relationships has always been a great passion of mine. I believe relationships are the driving force behind our existence. It isn’t money, power, or wealth that makes or breaks a person, but the encounters they have had with others that develop their personality. In my years of working as a Social Worker in both mental health and healthcare settings, I see the importance of having clear knowledge and expertise in understanding the role mental and sexual health play in individual identity. My goal is to help empower relationships and individuals.

My therapeutic style is client-centered and integrative. I approach every client as a distinctive system requiring unique and personalized modalities of care. I work within the best of my abilities to meet each client from their personal lens of the world, and actively collaborate with the client and their resources to best develop their treatment plan. I actively use strengths-based techniques when working with clients, and include cognitive-based theory, mindfulness techniques, systems theory, and grieving models to help clients explore techniques that work best for their unique circumstances. I also include a spiritual and personal development component in treatment plans if requested. Previously, I have worked as an Academic Advisor at The University of Southern California, and I am willing to assist with providing academic and career counseling in therapeutic sessions if desired by clients.


Renée is a a contributing sex educator and writer for Bedroom Kandi, an intimate product line.  She is a lead organizer for Tennessee Alliance for Sexual Health and Sex Positive Nashville, and an active member of the Association of Black Sexologist and Clinicians and the Women of Color Sexual Health Network.  She is also the Tennessee State Coordinator for Provide, Inc., and provides trainings on reproductive health for social service and healthcare agencies throughout Tennessee.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Psychology, Spelman College
Master of Social Work, University of Southern California
Master of Public Administration, University of Southern California
Post-Graduate Certificate in Sex Therapy and Education, University of Michigan